Prodefence provides advanced cybercrime investigation services, including ransomware attacks, financial fraud, data theft and personal or industrial espionage. Our team of experts identifies the sources of attacks, the actions of cybercriminals and works with authorities to prosecute offenders. We can advise you on how to protect sensitive information and provide security measures to prevent future incidents. Contact Prodefence for comprehensive cyber security solutions and protect your business against digital threats.

  1. Investigating Ransomware Attacks

Prodefence offers specialized services in the investigation of ransomware attacks, which include:

  • Identify the source of the attack and intrusion vectors.
  • Analysis of malicious code to determine the encryption and decryption mechanism.
  • Advice on preventing future attacks, including recommendations for strengthening IT infrastructure security.
  1. Financial fraud investigations

Prodefence has a team of experts in digital forensic analysis to:

  • Detect and investigate fraudulent activities, such as unauthorised fund transfers and financial manipulation.
  • Track the activities of cybercriminals to identify their sources and methodology.
  • Collaborate with legal authorities to provide the necessary evidence in the prosecution process.
  • Advise on the implementation of cyber security measures to prevent further incidents.
  1. Investigating data theft

Prodefence offers comprehensive solutions for detecting and investigating data theft:

  • Identify and analyse security breaches that have allowed unauthorised access to sensitive information…
  • Identify responsible parties and document evidence for legal use.
  • Advice and implementation of advanced data protection solutions to prevent future security incidents.
  1. Personal and industrial espionage

Prodefence specialises in identifying and countering espionage activities, whether it be:

  • Personal espionage: Identifying technical artifacts and advising against unauthorized surveillance, illegal data collection and privacy violations.
  • Industrial espionage: Identification and analysis of company artifacts where there is suspicion or incident of theft of intellectual property and trade secrets. Advice on implementing advanced cyber security measures and continuous monitoring.

Advantages of working with Prodefence:

  • Teams of experts with extensive experience in cybersecurity investigations.
  • Using the latest technologies and methodologies to investigate cybercrime.
  • Proactive and reactive approach to protecting digital assets and client reputation.
  • Ongoing support and personalised advice for each client.

Prodefence is committed to providing high quality cyber security services, ensuring that businesses and individuals are protected against emerging cyber threats. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you protect your digital assets and maintain the integrity of your data.

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