Articles and research in cyber security

This area is dedicated to the latest findings and analysis in cyber security. Here you will find a wide range of materials, feature articles, case studies and analyses of emerging malware tools and technologies. Whether you’re a cybersecurity specialist, a researcher, or just someone interested in protecting information in the digital age, this area provides valuable insights into the latest threats, vulnerabilities and trends, along with recommendations and defense strategies. The aim of this section is to educate and inform the community about the importance and complexity of cybersecurity in the modern world, while promoting best practices and innovations in the field. Content, ideas and discoveries from the research lab have contributed to increased cybersecurity globally, some of which have been picked up and referenced in scholarly papers, news, cyber warnings ….

A particular feature of today’s financial fraud is the ability of criminals to adapt quickly to new technologies and trends. In an increasingly connected world, where more and more transactions take place online, criminals have developed the ability to quickly exploit any vulnerability. This includes using social networks to spread fake investment schemes, compromising the security of mobile apps for unauthorised access to bank accounts, and even exploiting emerging technologies such as cryptocurrency and blockchain to devise new types of scams.

Cyber education

This area is dedicated to enriching knowledge and developing skills in information security. Here, you can explore a variety of educational resources, from tutorials for beginners to learning materials aimed at the general public interested in the protection of personal data and sensitive information, regardless of their technical background. This section provides access to webinars, online courses, workshops, and step-by-step guides to understanding and applying the most effective security practices. Whether you want to deepen your current knowledge or start a career in this dynamic and ever-expanding field, this can start the path to a deeper and more applied understanding of cybersecurity, with a strong emphasis on building a solid foundation to effectively navigate and protect information in the digital environment.

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