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The presentations/discussions on #cybersecurity and #cybercrime always manage to arouse the participants’ curiosity and desire to learn more about cases, investigations, victims, money and criminals.

The Master’s Week, organized by the Law Students Association Iasi, gave us the opportunity to present a small part of the work of investigators of #informatic crimes, underlining the importance of combining legal and technical aspects.

The cyber fraud analysis “Investor Fever” is recommended to all internet and technology users to understand the evolution of financial fraud!

Disseminating this information is essential to educate and sensitize the general public, especially those preparing for a career in the legal profession. A thorough understanding of cyber security issues and how cyber investigations are conducted is crucial for future legal professionals. They must be prepared to tackle the complex and ever-changing challenges in the cybercrime landscape.

The importance of collaboration between legal and technical aspects cannot be emphasized enough. In an increasingly digitized world, lawyers, judges and other legal professionals need to be able to interpret and apply the law in the context of cybercrime. What’s more, this increased knowledge contributes to a successful career, as cybersecurity skills are becoming increasingly sought after.

On this occasion I had the pleasure to participate in the presentation prepared by the team of the General Anticorruption Directorate (DGA), Iasi County Anticorruption Service and I can say that I found out extremely important #information.

Thank you to Mr. Inspector Florin Ionut Zaborila, Coordinator of the Computer Crime Investigation Department of IPJ Iași, for his permanent #collaboration and involvement in disseminating information / warnings about the dangers of the online environment!

We thank the organizers and the University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” of Iași for the invitation! This initiative has been an important step in educating and preparing future legal professionals, helping to shape an informed and competent generation in the face of modern cyber challenges.